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  • Todd Shea


Todd Shea


Family, Fun, Fitness
  • Santa Barbara City College Volleyball Player- CalState Runner Up ’98
  • Former Santa Barbara High School Boys JV Coach
  • Former u15’s Girls Club Coach for Sunwest Volleyball Club (San Diego)
  • Former Granite Hills High School Girls Freshman Coach (San Diego)
  • Former University City High School Boys JV Coach (San Diego)
  • Current CrossFit Trainer at CF Innate- Youth and Adult Programs

Coaching and athletics have always been a part of Todd’s life. Growing up in Southern California provided an active lifestyle and plenty of coaching opportunities. Volleyball is what lead Todd to beautiful Santa Barbara to play for SBCC. He earned the most improved player award while competing for the State Championship that year. Todd has played and coached teams from novice to the college level and had success at each. He drives his athletes to achieve change and results while maintaining his laid back and fun coaching style. Todd believes that the keys to success lie in fundamental movements, introduction to strength and conditioning, nutrition and being a part of the community. Whether it’s the proud feeling of killing the ball on game point or getting a reality check by being blocked on a crucial point, Todd coaches each athlete to learn from these, to challenge themselves and ignite performance. He is extremely passionate about seeing his athletes grow and succeed, the teams success and the mark the teams leave on the community and each other.

Todd has enjoyed all that volleyball can offer from indoor to outdoor and in playing and coaching. He and his entire family are involved in CrossFit and enjoy an active lifestyle. He is currently a Realtor with Sotheby’s International Realty and Founder of Goodland Clothing a local Goleta outdoor clothing company.


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Practice Schedule

Sundays 4:00-6:00pm Girls Inc. Goleta
Thursdays 5:00-7:00pm Montecito Covenant Church

Tournament Schedule

Girls’ 2019-2020 Schedule
Weekend Sites

Jersey # Player Name Position School
  Ava Carter La Colina
  Kaylin Cooney La Colina
  Gia El Asyouty Marymount
  Evelina Erickson La Colina
  Eloise Mock La Colina
  Samantha Nestlerode Marymount
  Camille Pomerantz La Colina
  Kaitlyn Rohde Home School
  Carly Schroder La Colina
  Simran Sharma Marymount
  Kavya Suresh La Colina

Tournament Schedule

Tournament Schedule
Weekend Sites

March 2020

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
  • 18-Trevor Practice
  • *College Recruiting Reminder* Create a target list of 15-30 schools. They should be schools you are interested in attending and schools where you would like to play volleyball. Look at all divisions and conferences around the country that you think are your level. (Ask your coach if you don’t know). Don’t count out any schools when you're a freshman. It's early in the process, so you should be open to many possibilities. Find schools that may be a good fit for you through your Sports Recruits profile: https://sportsrecruits.com/activity This message is not an actual event and was sent
  • 17-Kelly Practice
  • 14-Todd Practice
  • 15-Hannah Practice
  • 18-Trevor Practice
  • 12-Tyson Practice
  • 10-Megan Practice
  • 14-Stephanie Practice
  • 12-Kylie Practice
  • 14-Todd Practice
  • 17-Kelly Practice
  • 15-Hannah Practice
  • 18-Trevor Practice
  • 17-Kelly Practice
  • *College Recruiting Reminder* Give yourself a social media checkup. When college coaches mark you down on their watch list after receiving emails from you, you have begun the recruiting process with them and they will check your social media accounts. If they see things that shine a negative light – partying, inappropriate behavior, etc. – it can hurt your chances. Remember, coaches view posts with adult, grown-up eyes. They may stop recruiting you if they don't like what they see. Just be careful. This message is not an actual event and was sent

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