17-Todd (Regional)

Todd Shea
Todd SheaHead Coach
Trevor Mattson
Trevor MattsonAssistant Coach

Practice Schedule

Sundays 3:00-5:00pm SBHS
Thursdays 7:00-9:00pm BGC-Goleta

Tournament Schedule

Girls’ 2017-2018 Schedule
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Jersey # Player Name Position High School Grad Year
   2 Riley Borchardt Setter/OPP Cate 2021
   3 Becky McKinny OH Dos Pueblos 2020
   14 Anabel Caesar OH Santa Barbara 2020
   20 Belle Gilliam OH/MB Dos Pueblos 2018
   1 Avalon Gagnon OH/OPP Santa Barbara 2019
   10 Olivia Andrews OH/OPP Dos Pueblos 2019
   8 Caitlin Gainey Setter/DS Laguna Blanca 2019
  11 Hannah Fabbre L Dos Pueblos 2019
   18 Maddie Gunderson L/DS Santa Barbara 2021
   5 Connie Connaughton L/DS San Marcos 2020
   6 Sofija Ninness MB/OH Santa Barbara 2020

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