9 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your SoCal VBC Membership this Year

It’s here: a new year and a new season! If you think practice and tournaments are all you get from your SoCal VBC membership, you’re mistaken. You get MUCH MORE. Below are 9 ways to get the most out of your membership. Please use, enjoy, and let’s make this the best season yet!

1.     Be a gym rat | “You can’t hire someone to practice for you.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

As a SoCal VBC member, you have additional training opportunities and club events. Here’s how to take advantage and make the most of it!
Here’s how:
·       Attend all of your team’s practices.
·       Workout at our monthly strength, conditioning, and wellness trainings.
·       Attend the monthly beach volleyball workouts to diversify your game.
2.     Download the GroupMe App to stay in the loop | app.groupme.com

GroupMe is a group texting app for parent, player, coach and admin communication. You can also add family and friends to the group by selecting the group icon in the upper right in the app, selecting members, then “Add Members”

An active GroupMe is a sign of a healthy team, but if you ever feel overwhelmed with the notifications, there are tutorials on how to mute the app in our support forum, at: sandiego.socalvbc.com/forums
3.     Discover your perfect college with MySoCal | “Thorough preparation makes its own luck.” –Joe Poyer

MySoCal is your college matchmaker. To get started, log in to your account at my.socalvbc.com

Your username is: [email protected]
For example, mine would be: [email protected]
Your temporary password is: Socal2016
Here you can view over 1,700 college profiles. In addition to basic college search details like location, average SAT/ACT scores and tuition details, MySoCal gives you tailored information on the school’s volleyball program, including the coaching staff’s direct contact information. Be sure to update your player profile too, so college coaches find and recruit you. All communication funnels through your [email protected] gmail account (also on your MySoCal Dashboard).

Watch the MySocal overview video here: https://youtu.be/A4xRMxC6z3g
For support with MySoCal, please reach out to Karina at [email protected]

4.     Follow your team on ScoreStream | scorestream.com

ScoreStream is your team’s game-day diary. This collaborative app manages real-time scores and photos. If fans at the game update the app’s scoreboard, then fans who can’t physically be there can follow along and cheer! It also keeps a record of every match results on the team’s dashboard, so you can watch how your team progresses throughout the season.

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Your ScoreStream Dashboard View full-size Download

5.     Save on tuition by joining the Fundraising GroupMe
Marla Frost, at [email protected], is a longtime member and organizes tuition fundraiser opportunities for members like you. This season’s December See’s Candy fundraiser brought in over $1,743 combined for participating members to use towards future tuition payments.

Get fundraising information by joining Marla’s Fundraising GroupMe: [GroupMe Link]
6.   Sign up for “Quick Hits” for curated news and special deals
Our email newsletter is a weekly digest of everything you need to know, including member shout outs, free seminars and workshops invitations, community event details and member discounts. Click here to sign up, and you’ll get the next email.
7.   Get your Trendsetters gift on your birthday
Did you know, as a member, you get a free headband on your birthday? Contact the Trendsetters Store in the SoCal gym, show the attendant your birthday email from us, and pick up your gift.

Trendsetters has lots of great gift ideas for the volleyball player in your life.
Shop online at: trendsetters.socalvbc.com
8.   Earn community service hours (and good karma)
Club sports and community service looks stellar on your college application. Here are a few ways you can earn service hours at SoCal, and players can also become a SoCal Sister and help coach in beginner clinics and camps.

Join the SoCal Sister GroupMe here: [SoCal Sister GroupMe link]
9.   Tell us what other services you want on Facebook or Instagram
To make the absolute most out of this year, tell us exactly what you want! More father/daughter beach tournaments? Become pen pals with a youth volleyball program in Samoa? You’ll be surprised what can happen when you reach out.

Let us know what you’d like to do this year on our Facebook page or Instagram account.

Question: What’s your favorite part of your SoCal VBC Membership? Let me know in the comments below. 

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