Deliberate Practice: The Path to Improvement

When it comes to practice, it’s not enough just to have a pulse and show up at the gym. You’re probably thinking, “Duh, Karch, I knew that.” But I say it to emphasize the point that there’s a big difference between just clocking in and clocking out, and engaging in purposeful practice. In the book [...]

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How to Win in the Classroom

The end of the fall semester is here, and the spring semester of high school will be just as busy. With 5-8 hours of classes Monday-Friday, a few hours of homework each night, and studying for tests each week, it seems that school takes up most of your time. With volleyball, that schedule becomes even [...]

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Training the Mind for Growth

You aren’t what you are. At first glance, that might not make sense, but I’m here to tell you that it’s a true statement. And it’s a good way of jumping into our topic: growth mindset versus fixed mindset. In the USA gym, we’re all about cultivating a can-do attitude. This means that we fully [...]

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Versatility: A Key to Success

Young players ask me frequently what they can do to better their chances of success on the volleyball court. To be completely honest, I used to struggle when answering this question. I mean, come on! How am I supposed to assess someone without having prior knowledge of who they are, their genetic makeup, speed, versatility, [...]

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Using Affirmations to Reach Your Goals

One of the ways that athletes work through stressful situations is through self-talk. Self-talk is pervasive in all areas of life, not just in athletics. We mutter under our breath that the cabbie just cut us off. We psych ourselves up to ask out the cute guy/girl in math class. We curse ourselves for missing [...]

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What A Player Can Control

This top 10 list is written for all those players in our global volleyball family seeking to grow and become the best player they can possibly be. It’s my checklist of things to focus on, as they are things you CAN control, rather than wasting time, energy or focus on things that are out of [...]

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Getting Mentally Ready for Tryouts

I really want to make the team! I mean, I really, really want to make the team. I want to prove to the coach that I'm good enough. Heck, I think I'm good enough! When I think about tryouts, I get so excited but that excitement quickly turns into nervousness and those nasty "what if's." Like, "what if I don't?" "What [...]

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Lee Maes: Five Traits Future Stars Exhibit at 13

Lee Maes is coaching one of the Select A1 squads at the 2018 USA Volleyball High Performance Championships here in Tulsa. A talented group of 13- and 14-year-old girls. In addition to working with the USAV High Performance program for more than 20 years, Maes has worked for some of the top collegiate volleyball programs [...]

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