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Click below to view Program Description PDF

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Program Overview

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Age Requirements

  • Teams available for 12s-18s age divisions. See SCVA Age Definitions HERE.
  • Teams are formed in September


  • Practice two days per week.
  • Members may use the gym anytime to take advantage of any courts.
  • Members may workout with any time in the gym similar in age and skill level.


  • Local Program runs September through January and competes in local tournaments.
  • Regional Program runs September-July* and competes in a combination of local and SCVA tournaments.
  • National Program runs September-July* and competes in SCVA tournaments.

*High School teams will not practice/compete during high school season.


  • Local Fall Program: $600
  • Local Winter Program: $700
  • Regional Program: $1020
  • National Program: $2800
  • Payment plans and one-time payment discounts available.
  • Tuition does not include uniform costs, travel or lodging expenses or any costs for additional tournaments (e.g. team entry fee, coaching per diem and stipend).
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