Club Volley Malaga – Our Sister Program in Spain2015-10-05T15:13:19+00:00


SoCal and her sister club, Club Volley Malaga (CVM), in Malaga, Spain plan to have two teams from SoCal VBC travel and compete in the south of Spain in 2016.  Plans include a 15s team and an 18s team that will compete in Andalucia for 10 days during the month of June or July.  The travel schedule will depend on the Junior Olympic Tournament that the teams will also compete at.

Says SoCal Director, Aimee Asebroek, “Having a degree in Spanish, I have always planned to take our teams to Spain to compete but also to expose our members to the culture and people.  There is really no better cultural learning experience than travel.  We took our 15s last year and they are still talking about it.”  SoCal hosted Club Volley Malaga (CVM) Director, Fani Mallorquin along with three CVM players this year and look forward to continuing that exchange as well.

SoCal competed in two Spanish tournaments in 2014, winning both of them, and the players also competed in two beach tournaments which CVM is renowned for hosting. Plans for the 2016 campaign will also include multiple indoor and beach tournaments.