[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The best way to obtain financial aid is to communicate with us ([email protected]).  Unless you talk to us, we don’t know how to support you.

Please note, financial aid recipients are not eligible for other tuition discounts and offers.


Club-Wide Discounts

Military Discount

SoCal has long supported the military families in our community and is launching a formal program that offers a 10% discount on all programs offered at SoCal.  This discount is applies to all regular season programs, camps and clinics and is offered to all active military families.  Please contact us if your family is eligible for this offer.

Player Referral Program

We know that our best advertising is word-of-mouth and to support the loyalty of our families, we have developed a program that provides a discount on tuition for every player that a current player refers to our program that did not play here the previous season. You may receive credit for up to the total cost of your tuition.
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Other Programs

One of our major projects this year has been to find better ways to support our member’s with financial aid options that take advantage of our 501(c)3 not-for-profit status.  We also recognize that club volleyball is expensive and that often, the best source of support for your daughter can be found in your family’s business relationships, extended family and close friends.  Most of these groups would be interested in helping her by making a tax deductible donation.  So, we teamed up with an organization called GoFundMe.  It’s so simple…you just ask.
Individual Sponsorship Letter.  This letter allows the player to personalize it and send to friends and families that might want to support the player.  All donations made are tax deductible to the individuals to the fullest extend allowed by the IRS.  This letter is in a Word document format so you can edit it. VB Individual Sponsorship Letter.doc
Sponsorship Form for Corporations and Businesses.  Please use this document to send or drop off with local businesses to support your child’s fundraising.  All donations made are tax deductible to the business to the fullest extend allowed by the IRS. Sponsorship-Donation Form.pdf

Sell Banners,Web Ads, and Court Sponsorships to local business, or your own friends, family and neighbors! Have the proceeds applied directly to your club dues! Click below for more information. Banner Ad Fundraiser

Donor Tree. Sell leaves to friends, family, neighbors and local businesses to be engraved and hung on our beautiful donor tree at SoCal. Proceeds are applied directly to the player’s club dues. Click here to register, or below for a pintable flyer with more information.
Donor Tree Fundraiser


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