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Fun, Camaraderie and Friendly Competition


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Program Overview



  • One practice per week.
  • Member rate for FutureStars clinics (Save $75 on 8-session package).
  • Members may workout with other teams similar in age and skill level.
  • Members are welcome to use open courts.
  • Complimentary Summer Maintenance Program through August.
  • FREE Sunday Open Gym entry.


  • Teams compete is local tournaments in Poway.
  • Competitive season runs from November-May.


  • Click here to view program tuition.
  • Uniforms included in tuition.
  • Tuition does not include travel or lodging expenses or any costs for additional tournaments (e.g. team entry fee, coaching per diem and stipend).

Age Requirements

  • Teams available for 12s-18s age divisions.
  • Teams formed in early November.