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What our Members say

[/minti_headline][minti_testimonialslider testimonial_1=”The coaches are so professional and friendly. SoCal makes everyone feel welcome and part of a team no matter what level one is at. There is camaraderie amongst the players. Not only are children taught how to play volleyball, but how to be respectful of others — while having a blast!” author_1=”C.D., San Marcos” testimonial_2=”The philosophy of the club and the positive message it sends to our young girls (and boys) exceeds any other club.” author_2=”A.E., Oceanside” testimonial_3=”Great opportunity for kids to become better players. Caring and professional coaches. Perfect organization and management. Go SoCal!” author_3=”J.B., Cardiff” testimonial_4=”There is a commitment to excellence with the professionals you surround your club with. The individual attention you give to those who are willing to take instruction and better themselves is a big plus compared to other clubs.” author_4=”K.W. – Escondido” testimonial_5=”I like the first free lesson! I like that Colleen made us feel welcome. I like that you have plenty of parking! I also like the idea of buying a pkg. of 8 Future Stars and using them at our convenience. That is perfect for a kid looking to add an extra sport to an already packed schedule.” author_5=”S.S. – CA” testimonial_6=”I loved how positive it was. My daughter learned more in one hour at so cal than she has in 3 sessions at YMCA!!! We’ll be back!! Thank you!!” author_6=”R.C. – CA”]

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