Tryouts are coming up, and no matter what year you are, or how secure you feel, you need to pull out all of the stops at tryouts. Volleyball is becoming an increasingly competitive sport, and here’s are some helpful tips for you to put your best foot forward at tryouts. Good luck and as always, MAKE IT FUN!

Tips for Tryouts

  1. Be loud and encouraging– in fact, can YOU be the loudest person in the gym? What’s the downside? I promise, your coach will love it. Maybe coach is deciding between you and a player who is better at volleyball than you, but YOU have a bigger voice and more spirit…
  2. Wear something bright – in fact, where something bright EVERY day of tryouts– be unforgettable.
  3. Be the first – first person in the gym to help setup, first person back from water breaks, first person to shout out a cheer when you break!
  4. Partner up with the best person possible – Do your best to partner up with a player that’s better than you. If a coach is going to be watching them– they’re going to see you too!
  5. Don’t buddy up with a slacker – I know you want to be with your BFF, but if she’s not as good as you, she might bring you down at tryouts. If she makes it too, awesome, but you have to do everything you can to make yourself look great.
  6. Try, try, try – What’s the downside? Run through the bleachers and the walls, and make a commitment to get on the ground after EVERY single ball. You might not be the best player there, but there’s nothing stopping you from being the hardest working.
  7. Suck up to the coach, but not too much – Make sure the coach knows you. Have a conversation with them when you can, introduce yourself, and make sure you say thank you at the end of the day. Be careful to not be obnoxious.
  8. Be Grateful, Be Satisfied – Be thankful to be in the program in any capacity you can.

Here’s the thing- you’re awesome. You’re kind, intelligent, funny and interesting, and we want you to be happy, healthy and thrive in whatever you do. We’ll be there for you cheering you on – but don’t forget, you ARE a volleyball player, no matter what.

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