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[minti_member name=”Karolyn Kirby” role=”Mentor” img=”17044″ mail=”[email protected]”]A world-renowned athlete and coach, Kirby played indoor volleyball on the USA National Team from 1983-1987, serving as captain in the 1987 Olympics. She later distinguished herself as a dominat beach player, breaking league records for career wins, and eventually earned the first Gold-Medal and ‘MVP’ honors in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. With her breadth of experience, Kirby has been coaching club volleyball since 1997.
SoCal VBC Coaching Director Aimee Asebroek adds, “Karolyn is a volleyball icon—she’s going to be an amazing resource for our members. We’re incredibly excited to have her here.”[/minti_member]
[minti_member name=”Mary Jo Peppler” role=”Mentor” img=”16793″ mail=”[email protected]”]One of the most decorated and influential players in volleyball history, she is highly regarded for her innovative training programs and inspiring lectures and writings. As a coach, Peppler has trained over 50 All-Americans, notable world champions, and consulted for numerous college programs.
“We are very excited to have Mary Jo join our program. She is an internationally renowned volleyball legend—and holds a special place in our hearts, as she was Aimee’s mentor in SoCal’s early years,” shares SoCal VBC President Scott Phillips. “Mary Jo is an inspirational person, being around her will change your life,” adds SoCal VBC Coaching Director Aimee Asebroek.[/minti_member]