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SoCal Spirit Wear


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SoCal Beach Wear


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Featured Products

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Best Sellers

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Our Favorite Brands

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Trendsetters takes our brand selection very seriously and we only work with those companies that we feel represent themselves with integrity, honesty, loyalty and value.


[minti_tooltip text=”The best volleyball shoes and apparel in the world.”][/minti_tooltip]

[minti_tooltip text=”For the real game.”][/minti_tooltip]

[minti_tooltip text=”Performance starts here.”][/minti_tooltip]

[minti_tooltip text=”Reach higher.”][/minti_tooltip]

[minti_tooltip text=”Sports are powerful.”][/minti_tooltip]

[minti_tooltip text=”Designed, cut and sewn in America.”]

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If you are a SoCal member, you may be eligible for a 25% discount.  Contact us to see.


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Bring us your best published price and we will meet it or provide you credit in the store for the difference.


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Free shipping for orders over $75 and we can ship worldwide.


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