As a high school age SoCal team member, you have access to SportsRecruits. SportsRecruits is like the Linkedin of college recruiting. Keep your profile updated with your volleyball resume and message coaches. Interested coaches will respond to you and/or your recruiting advisor. Who they message depends on their program’s NCAA and NAIA rules.

There’s more to come on college recruiting advice and how to use SportsRecruits. For now, here’s how to log on for the first time.

How to log on SportsRecruits:

  1. Visit:
  2. Enter your SoCal player email address.
    The format is: [email protected]
  3. Request a Login Link by selecting Send Me a Link button. (see image)
  4. Go to your SoCal player Gmail inbox at
    – Your address is [email protected]
    – If you don’t know your password enter: socalvolleyball
    – If you have trouble logging on your account email us at [email protected]
  5. Open the One-Click Login Request email from SportsRecruits, and select log in now.

Now you’re in SportsRecruits!

Unsure what to do next with your profile? Visit this page

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