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The SoCal Coaching Team


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Support Team

[/minti_title][minti_member img=”18103″ name=”Aimee Asebroek” role=”Managing Director” mail=”[email protected]” facebook=”https://www.facebook.com/AimlessLeigh” twitter=”http://www.facebook.com/socalaimee”]-SoCal founder
-Coaching Director
-Degree in Spanish from UC Irvine.[/minti_member][minti_member name=”Audrey Green” role=”General Manager” mail=”[email protected]” img=”18110″]- Degree in Psychology from UC San Diego
– Masters of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition
– NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist[/minti_member][minti_member img=”18111″ name=”Colleen Dunn” role=”Trendsetters Manager” mail=”[email protected]”]-Handles all apparel and equipment sales.
-Background in business management and accounting.
-She assists our members with questions, programs and registration.[/minti_member][minti_member img=”18106″ name=”Bethany Avila” role=”ISPE and Local Programs Director” mail=”[email protected]”]-Degree in Communications, Cum Laude, from The Master’s College
-Collegiate coaching experience at The Master’s College, Palm Beach Atlantic and Mendocino College.[/minti_member][minti_member img=”18104″ name=”Bobbie Jo Stall” role=”Boys Director” mail=”[email protected]”]

B.A. Communication (Public Relations) with a minor in Sports Studies from East Carolina University.

[/minti_member][minti_member img=”18107″ name=”Karolyn Kirby” role=”Beach Director” mail=”[email protected]”]-Gold-Medalist in Beach Volleyball (1992 Olympics)

-University of Kentucky Alumni[/minti_member][minti_member img=”18105″ name=”Karina Miastkowska” role=”Facilities Manager” mail=”[email protected]”]